Reading body language: Your secret weapon

Reading Body Language

Reading Body Language

Reading body language: The ultimate weapon for building a successful career. If your wondering what gives you a clear advantage when it comes to dealing with people, there’s one thing that keeps you ahead of time and minds – reading body language! No matter what your procession is, you will always be in an advantageous position by reading body language to interpret what people are saying through their posture, gesture, stance, smirks, nods, blinks, facial impressions, smiles, hand movements or things like that.

Trust me on this… reading body language helps because people say more through these seemingly minuscule things than they seem through words. To get a better understanding of the odds, let’s take a look at the life and challenges of a sales person.

Did you ever wonder why it’s that some triumphant sales people seem to get a knack for their job? Well, these “Super-Sales People” seem to capture new array of prospects at alarmingly low rates. Still, the volume of repeat businesses they make are sky high. And you’re left wondering “what magic do these guys know that I do not.” People! It all melts down to one point:

Reading body language to react with the right body language.

Let’s begin the unveiling of the shrouded mystery. One simple fact that most people miss out is that, such salespeople do not know anything highly magical that isn’t already encoded with your limbic system. Till now, you have been researching reading body language and the applications it has to salesmanship.

The sole only thing a “Super-Salesperson” has over you is the new use of the same knowledge you already have. Super Salespeople arrives at the door as a stranger, but just 30 minutes later, leaves with the identity of a dear well-wishing friend. To illustrate, this isn’t the guy who “sell” things.

Rather, he’s a well-trusted confidante; somebody who could fit in on any family picnic as he would on a typical sales call. Wondering how the person gained that type of trust? This person surely did not achieve such feat through cold-calling right in the middle of a dinner.

The “Super-Salesperson” arrives at the door of the prospect with an appointment. She has a really friendly smile. But more importantly, she also has a super-keen for reading body language for the silent message. She mirrors some positive signs, to competently circumvent the subconscious negative gestures of her client. It is all about the art of reading body language and responding accordingly to it.

Reading Body Language



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