Reading Body Language: Can you really go beyond the congenital looks?

Reading Body Language

Reading Body Language

Reading Body Language. What do you do when people are reading body language based on your looks? Besides possessing the idyllic features, the attractiveness of a man’s face is based on some special principles of symmetry. A study in mid 1990s on reading body language revealed that photos of male and female college students were accurately measured at various points for determining whether the features on a side of their face were equivalent to the mid point as the same features of the face’s other side.

The study on reading body language showed….

Asymmetrical photographs with symmetrical photos to groups. Surely, the results actually pointed toward the faces that are the most symmetrical and they were chosen as the top appealing ones. Congrats to those who were born with great looks! But what do the rest of us do?

To understand how you’re viewed in the eyes reading body language, let’s see how we’re affected by our natural features overall. With reading body language self esteem of an individual is closely related to his or her physical traits.

So, the more you are charming physically, the better your self-esteem could be. Surely, there’re the ones who, despite whether or not we think they’re very gorgeous, lead a life with poor self-esteem. And just in the same way, there’re those amongst us who’re perhaps not very good looking, but still live with an immensely high level of self esteem.

It is really unfortunate that the latter isn’t the majority. This occur more with girls than with boys in regards to reading body language . Besides, with reading body language physical magnetism affects self esteem and also the way other people perceive us. So for reading body language you need to groom yourself in line with your looks and natural body structure. Don’t buy the most expensive suit or tops.

This might not look as good on you as it does on George Clooney or Drew Barrymore. You should look much better on the attires that go with your personality, lifestyle and inherent looks that you were born with.

Remember that with reading body language there are a lot of things still within your reach and working on those really can make a huge difference. If you’re obese, for instance, you can try and lose some weight. Stop eating processed food for better skin.

Different kind of herbal treatments can improve your looks inside-out. Work on it slowly and sincerely to see the big difference over time. At least, you have better chances that way to look decently acceptable to people who are always judging others by reading body language.

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Reading Body Language

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